Bracket order

Hi Team,
I have a problem in executing the bracket orders using kiteconnect .
Below is my code to place bracket orders.

order_id = kite_Accnt1.order_place(tradingsymbol="SBIN",exchange="NSE",transaction_type="BUY",quantity=quantity_ex,order_type="LIMIT",product="BO",price=258,squareoff_value=258+10,stoploss_value=258-10)

order_id = kite_Accnt1.order_place(tradingsymbol="SBIN",exchange="NSE",transaction_type="BUY",quantity=quantity_ex,order_type="LIMIT",product="BO",price=258,squareoff_value=10,stoploss_value=10)

I tried both the ways as above ,as soon as I'm placing an order to buy it is executing and along with stop-loss order also executing in the same time.

when I placed buy order SBI price was at 254.6 and I placed order at 258 and it was executed at 254.6 and I was mentioned stoploss=10 and squareoff=10 .my sell order should have been executed when it touched the stoploss ie 244.6 or target 264.6 but it got executed as soon as buy executed.

Could you please look into it and let me know the actual problem ,sorry if my understanding id wrong.

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