Inclution of "volumeTradedToday" in LTPQuote

getLTP API in Kite Connect seems to be less expensive than getQuote(String[] ) and has much better performance. But LTPQuote doesn't have 'volumeTradedToday', which force us to call costly getQuote() API. Probably most of the users need LTPQuote (price,volume) for large number of Scripts, and complete Quote data for few scripts( high probable candidates).

Is it feasible to include "volumeTradedToday" in LTPQuote? ( This additional attribute will not break any of Zerodha client's code, if added in next minor release )
  • sujith
    Hi @Jagan,
    I am afraid, we can't change API for this. You can either use getQuote or Websockets to get the live market data.
    If it is a recurring request then I would suggest using websocket to get live market data.
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