Mutual Fund PORTFOLIO data

on2k17nm edited October 2019 in Python client
I want to get MF Portfolio data on 7 days frequency to know if there are any recent changes to the MF portfolio.

Portfolio data like Stocks in Portfolio, Fund Manager, and latest news (if any).

Such data is available on moneycontrol, which is immensely useful for investors. So, it makes strong case for such data
to be made available through kite API.

Is it possible to get such data from Kite API ?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform.
    We don't provide data on mutual funds schemes or any other fundamental data.

    PS: I don't think you will get data with a frequency of seven days. The AMC's publish the data at the end of one month or two months. You can get that data from DION or morning star.
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