When is 20 Market depth coming?

When is 20 Market depth coming? Referring to the tweet by Nitin
  • sujith
    The extended marketdepth feature is something that is provided only for Kite users for now.

    We do have plans of offering this to Kite Connect clients as well but only after we get approvals.
  • Sonadarshan
    By when we can expect level 3 data in kite connect
  • trademaniac

    Please provide an update on L3 data for Kite Connect.
    When is the launch date? Can it be availed through some special fee as of now?

  • sujith
    We are still waiting for the approvals for this feature.
  • lokesh7733
    @rayi I'm waiting too for this data
  • faisal_c_a
    Is it( 20 market depth -level 3) available on kite connect now??
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