Connect API Pricing


I made a payment of 2000/- and started using Connect APIs from 2019-10-13.
But today(2019-11-04) api started throwing exceptions and I realised that my credit amount became zero and its not been a month yet.
Somebody please help me understand how the api is priced, I thought 2000 credit works for a month (I made another 2000 credit today and started using it again though).
  • sujith
    Your app seems to be active and it will be expiring on 13th Nov 2019.
    You seem to have additional 2000 free credits in your developer account.
  • Shyam001
    Yes I understand it expires by 13th Nov 2019, but why is it showing zero credit now before expiry date is what I am trying to understand. Anyway I have made another credit of 2000/-
  • sujith
    The 2000 credits will let you create a Kite Connect app or extend your Kite Connect app.
    Once you subscribe, 2000 credits are debited from your account and subscription is created. A subscription is valid for one month.
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