Not getting request token

ayush_singh0610 edited November 2019 in Python client

After pasting the url "" with my API_Key am able to log in successfully after providing my zerodha credentials.

But I am getting re-directed to the url "". I am not re-directed to the url where the "Request Token" is returned.

My re-direct url in Kite connect developer profile is ""

Please help.


  • rakeshr
    After a successful login, you will be re-directed to Redirect URL that you have mentioned in connect developer dashboard.
    As you have mentioned, and you are already login in a same browser session, so it's re-directing to kite dashboard.
    And request token will be appended at the end of the re-direct URL.
    You can also look to this documentation.
  • ayush_singh0610
    Thanks it was resolved.
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