Update Bracket Order TrailingStoploss


How can we update TrailingStoploss for bracket order? We can be setting TrailingStoploss as point in price while placing order but i can't find that attribute while updating Open BO order. It has only TriggerPrice.

I am using this code:

decimal tS = Decimal.Multiply(OrderData.AveragePrice, decimal.Divide(trailingStoplossPercent, 100));
tS = Utility.AdjustDecimal(tS);
writeLog(logFile, "Order Update for: " + childOrder.OrderId + ": " + childOrder.Tradingsymbol + ": " + tP);
kite.ModifyOrder(childOrder.OrderId, childOrder.ParentOrderId, childOrder.Exchange, childOrder.Tradingsymbol, childOrder.TransactionType, childOrder.Quantity.ToString(), childOrder.Price, childOrder.Product, childOrder.OrderType, childOrder.Validity, childOrder.DisclosedQuantity, tS, childOrder.Variety);

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