Kite Publisher plugin - unable to input information into the login dialog

Please refer to the video.
When using the Publisher JS API, the kite login prompt comes up. However, the login fields behave erratically. Starting at 18sec mark, you can see that the user is unable to enter values into the username and password fields. Password field is not masked. Also, user is unable to close the login popup.

We have reproduced this issue on multiple machines using IE. The workflow works perfectly on chrome and firefox browsers.
IE version: 11.476.18362.0
  • sujith
    Hi @bondre,
    IE 11 is not standards supported browser. I would suggest using Edge or any other standards supported browser.
  • bondre
    Please excuse my ignorance. Which standards are you referring to?
    Are you saying the publisher JS plugin is not supported on IE?
    As far as I understand IE 9+ support both the latest Javascript and jQuery standards.
  • sujith
    I am referring to ES standards. You can go through a relevant discussion here.

    PS: jQuery is just a library, it is not a standard.
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