Multiple Kite Connect apps for a single Zerodha Client ID

I would like to know if its possible to create multiple Kite Connect apps having same client ID.
If yes , can both the apps be used simultaneously or one at a time?

  • Kailash
    @jravi96 This is possible. Yes, they can be used simultaneously.
  • jravi96
    I have one more question on this. Lets say I have two active apps A and B. I place a BO to buy ONGC via app A and place short selling order on ONGC via app B.
    Is placing short selling will have any impact on order placed via app A. Basically will second order impact first order as after all client ID same?

  • Vivek
    @jravi96 It shouldn't matter where you place order and it will show at all our platform.
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