needs one update or suggestion in web socket stream data

Hello team,

i wants one update or suggestion from your side while subscribe any symbol on web-socket stream first time
when i m sending request to subscribe any script for live feed it returns default 0 for all values (like ask price, bid price , ltp etc....),
if price changes updates then it start pushing live rates , so i wants any update or any suggestion that is it possible to send "lastquote" of particular symbol when sending first request for subscription...

this issue occurs in those symbols whose frequency of trading is low or very low .

did you understand my issue ??
if yes then let me know any suggestion or your feedback on this point.

please reply ....
  • sujith
    When you subscribe for an instrument by default you will receive data in quote mode which doesn't contain depth data. You need to set to full mode to receive market depth data.
  • sujith
    You will receive the cached tick when you subscribe to an instrument.
  • sbdavra
    i did not understood , can you explain it by example please ..

    i want last cached or lastquote data with market depth in web-socket stream when i am subscribe for any instrument.

    so please explain in detail how it is possible ??
  • sbdavra
    and another question

    as you are talking about last cached , is it lastquote ??

    please reply
  • sbdavra
    right not i am not getting last cached data or lastquote data when i m subscribing any instrument it always gives 0 rate first time , after any tick changed then it it start pushing rates of that instrument
  • sujith
    You can go through the documentation to know the basic idea.

    You can check out example here.
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