Maximum ticker limit exceeded. But Ticker List shows only 300 symbols in it.

TickerList_KiteNet file shows only 300 symbols. But still for many of the subscriptions I am getting the following error.
Maximum ticker limit exceeded. Current limit is 500. Try unsubscribing some symbols

1. How to find the symbols and unsubscribe?
2. How to reset subscription of all symbols in one click?
  • HowUTrade

    It should not happen, are you sure the TickerList_KiteNet.txt file contains 300 symbols only and still getting error?

    BTW, the maximum ticker limit is 3000, could you pls drop an email with your client id to [email protected] , we will increase this limit to 3000.
  • vickydeepi
    Hi @HowUTrade I have shared my client id via email.
    But yes I am sure TickerList_KiteNet.txt contains only 296 symbols to be exact
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