Not able to get trades on trades() call

Hi I am using python client and kiteconnect3.7.7. Since yesterday, I have problems getting list of trades from trades() call. Yesterday, I got it in second half the day,
Today's I haven't received them at all. I just get a blank list.
  • sauravkedia
    Infact when I hit it directly on your api end point using curl , then also I receive a blank list.

    curl "" \
    -H "X-Kite-Version: 3" \
    -H "Authorization: token apikey:accesstoken"

  • sujith
    Hi @sauravkedia,
    Thank you for reporting. We have informed the concerned team to take a look at this.
  • sauravkedia

    Any updates? I want this one badly. In absence of this api call, It is difficult to get accurate picture of what trades happened during the day. This api was broken yesterday as well.

    I have tried extracting that information through changes in order status. But have't been able to get a perfect algorithm to get the incremental fills and fill price in case of orders which got filled in small lots. Plus there is always a risk that you miss a few trades because of disconnection or double account for a few trades.

    One suggestion is that in addition to order fills, also push trades on the websocket.
  • Jegan
    Yes , I am also facing same issue , GetOrderTrades , return empty trades details,

    Please look into this issue as soon as possible
  • sujith
    This issue is fixed. You should be able to see tradebook now.
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