Nifty / Bank Nifty - Trading Symbol for Jan 2020 weekly contracts

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Based on my understanding I currently have weekly option trading symbol in following format:
5th Dec 2019 contract
Nifty - NIFTY19D0512100CE
BankNifty - BANKNIFTY19D0531600CE

After downloading the latest instrument file when I search through it for Jan 2020 weekly contracts they seem to be missing.
For example if I search for Nifty 12100 CE 2nd Jan 20 contract - NIFTY20J0212100CE I find nothing. All it has are month end contracts ex NIFTY20JAN12100CE

Am I missing something here? Or are the trading symbols of 02 Jan 2020 weekly contract something else?
  • adjas
    adjas edited November 2019
    I even tried placing an order with trading symbol NIFTY20J0212100CE and it failed with error message 'Instrument is invalid'.

    I don't expect those orders to be COMPLETED.... but I did expect them to show up in my order book with status REJECTED..... and not the error saying instrument is invalid
  • sujith
    You can refer to this thread.
  • adjas
    adjas edited November 2019
    Thanks sujith! Found the Jan contract based on the format mentioned in the thread you specified.
    However one doubt, for Nov and even now for Dec the trading symbol for weekly contracts that I have been using use a different format i.e. NIFTY (YY) (First Letter of month) (DD) (Strike) (CE/PE) ex: NIFTY19D0512100CE.

    So if I understand this right then from Jan 2020 all the weekly format would change from current (using first letter of the month ex: D for Dec) to the new format (using numbers to denote month ex: 1 for Jan, 2 for Feb... 12 for Dec etc.). right?

    It'd also mean that from next year the trading symbol for month of Oct, Nov, Dec would have one extra length as those months would be 10, 11, 12. right?
  • sujith
    No, from the next October the tradingsymbol will have o for October, n for November and d for December.

    The month value is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, O, N, D
  • adjas
    Ahh... Thanks for the clarification! That's a really weird format they have come up with but I guess nothing we or Zerodha can do bout it. Thanks again!!
  • sujith
    Yes, there is nothing much we can do here :)
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