"meta" and "exchange_update_timestamp" in retrieving orders

There are two additional properties in the JSON - meta and exchange_update_timestamp.

Both are not documented in the API documentation - https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/orders/

What does the "meta" object contain?

Is it possible to not send these?

Ramakrishnan S
  • sujith
    Hi @ramatius,
    I am afraid, we can't remove this. These are the new fields that are required for building new features for our platforms.
    Ideally, if we add new fields then your app shouldn't break.
  • ramatius
    @sujith Ok, will update for this at our end. It would be great if you can keep the API documentation updated when such additions happen. That will save time & effort at developers' side. Thanks.
  • sujith
    We will update the documentation.
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