Kite Connect 3.1 - Changes

sujith edited December 2019 in General
- Added `exchange_update_timestamp` to order response
- Added `meta` field to order response

GTT orders
- Added support placing, updating, and deleting for GTT orders

Quote Call
- Added Circuit Limits to quote call response

Historical Data
- Added OI to historical candle data response
  • CE7727
    Thanks for the OI! 1st in the API space! Great help
  • DD3516
    DD3516 edited December 2019
    Hello sujith, thanks for the info. To develop some strategy can you please provide Sample Data sent by KiteConnect and Tick for the following:
    1) Sample Candle data for 1min, 5 mins
    2) Sample Tick data for all 3 modes (LTP, full, quote)
    If this is available for 8-10 records, will make it easier
    or if it is available somewhere, please guide with the link.
  • sujith
    You can check out the documentation for historical data and Websocket data.

    Please don't hijack threads, create a new thread for a new query, it might help someone who is looking for the same. You may also use the search feature.
  • DD3516
    Thank you so much. Sorry & Sure, will take care about the thread. Actually searched for it in python docs & didnt get one, but thought not to add a thread as it might look futile to some.
  • niranjang
    @sujith i am getting PermissionException while fetching GTTs
    curl "" \
    > -H "X-Kite-Version: 3" \
    > -H "Authorization: token x:x"
    {"status":"error","message":"Insufficient permission for that call.","data":null,"error_type":"PermissionException"}

    Other APIs are working fine.

    How do I resolve the GTT issue?
  • sujith
    Hi @niranjang,
    We have updated your app's permissions. You should be able to use GTT features now.
  • niranjang
    @sujith thanks for quick response
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