Order Ids from console are not working with getOrderHistory

- Can we user exchange order id to get data from API. If yes, then how?
- I am trying to use order IDs from back-office data as shown in the screenshot. This looks like exchange order IDs to me.

- I need the status of these orders to analyse and create a report.
  • sujith
    Order history is an API that shows all the states of the order that it has gone through in our system, the OMS and the exchange.
    It is available only for the current day. A user can't fetch it post BOD.
    You can know more about order history here.
  • akhileshKhajuria
    So there is no way to get data of an order using the exchange order ID (from console) post BOD?

    So to elaborate, Sujith I was creating an application where user uploads his Trade Book report (downloaded from Reports - console) and a custom report is generated on his trading pattern.

    I need some way to verify the authenticity of the trades in report provided and also need the history of the Parent order that resulted in these trades.

    Thanks :)
  • sujith
    I don't think you can do the authenticity check. A user could have gotten shares from ESOP, corporate action, IPO, transfer-in wherein the user enters a dummy order id.
    Your platform has to be built in such a way that it always considers the user has entered correct data.
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