Error in historical intra day data

I was checking 1 hour data that i downloaded thriu API (Kite) for Tatamotors. the low for 03:15 PM on 31-Dec is 183.73 on Kite web whereas in the dowloaded CSV it is 184.35. that is nearly 0.6 ~ 0.3% error margin

Can u urgently look into this ? we are paying a high fee per month for historical data and expet 100% fidelity
  • rakeshr
    We re-checked the same on kite web and historical data APIs.OHLCV data is matching for the mentioned period.
    {'date': datetime.datetime(2019, 12, 31, 15, 15, tzinfo=tzoffset(None, 19800)), 'open': 185.35, 'high': 185.5, 'low': 184.35, 'close': 184.65, 'volume': 3421502}
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