Please can u help to get live update for getting below listed query with passing (GETRTD), Because while we are passing with
GetOrderTrdSym(200103002751578) iam getting very delay in receiving output, for live update i am using GetRTD(NFO,NIFTY2010912250CE,"MTM") for immediate update, sameway can u pls help me to get for below listed query .

1) OrderPendingQty
2) OrderQty
3) OrderStatus
4) OrderTrdSym
5) OrderTrans
6) OrderType
7) Order Time
8) Order DISC QTY
9) OrderFilledQty
10) OrderExchId
11) OrderProdTyp
  • HowUTrade

    The 'GetOrderTrdSym' etc are functions, it will not auto update.
    Just entering the the formula in a cell doesn't mean that the formula will be calculated automatically.
    Excel will calculate the formula only when any changes in the referenced value.
    You can check this link to know more about excel calculations.

    GetRTD is based on RTD server and it's work on the mechanism of Push-Pull

    To auto update like RTD, you have to make your UDF as Volatile or add a dynamic dummy parameter (like Ltp etc) to the UDF, so that excel calculate the formula automatically.
  • JB5267
    Can u pls show me an example for this (GetOrderTrdSym(200103002751578) so that i can make it others
  • Arasu84
    Arasu84 edited January 2020
    for javascript nodejs, u can use below code.

    function GetOrderTrdSym(ordid){
       kc.getOrders().then(function(response) {
          if (response.length === 0) {
             console.log("No orders.")
          for (var order of response) {
    if(order.order_id == ordid)
            console.log(order.tradingsymbol +""+  order.order_id);//order id and trading symbol printed in console
       }).catch(function(err) {
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