Failed to get the access token from the

I have used 2000 credits to purchase the the Kite api last week. I have created the app and I got api and secret key. I have used to login. It is redirecting to kite login and I able to login and it is redirecting to my redirect url with request token. As my second post request with this request token is not working for me. This is the error I am getting. I tried with my own code and also tried with php sdk code you provided in your site. {"status":"error","message":"Invalid `checksum`.","data":null,"error_type":"TokenException"}

I have sent the curl request to with http_build_query(array('api_key' => 'xxxx','request_token'=>'YYYY','checksum'=>hash('sha256','XXXXYYYYZZZZ' )))); Expecting a response as soon as possible.
  • sujith
    You can refer to this thread.
  • vipinvijayano
    This theread is related to invalid access token, but I am not event getting access token. From the first request I am getting request token. I doubt my checksum is valid or not. But I followed the instructions for creating the checksum, but still Invalid checksum is showing.
  • vipinvijayano
    i have regenerated the api and secret and this issue is fixed, Thanks.
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