Continous boolean flag not working for historical data


I'm trying to download historical data for Nifty Future (Nifty Fut Jan 2020 - instrument number 12247298) using this code:

historical = kite.historical_data(12247298, "2019-12-01", "2019-12-07", "minute", continuous=True, oi=True)

The API does not return anything if the continuous=True, but it returns data if continuous=False. What am I doing wrong? Isn't continuous=True supposed to work for futures?
  • sujith
    We provide only day candles for an expired instrument. You can change the interval to the day and you will see the data.
  • einsteintrader
    Okay, thanks. Can you also help me understand what exactly continous=True does? Let me use an example.

    For example, if I'm using it on Jan 2020 Nifty future and downloading the data from API in Jan, does this mean for past data (say for March 2019), I will see the corresponding data for March 2019 Nifty future?
  • sujith
    You can check out this thread.
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