How to see original bracket order in kite ? (square off value was not received correctly via API)

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I had placed an an LIMIT BUY order of MCDOWELL-N JAN FUT at 618.6 with square_off of 26. (using kite APIs)
The order was closed at 634.85, I can't belive how it got executed so early. (I had no trailing stop loss)

I can't seem to see from UI what order zerodha received and it looks like bug which costed on potential profit of 30000.
Is there a way i can see what order was received ? [I want to see exact order with both square off and stoploss value]
From the logs of my code, I did place order with 26 target points.
  • rakeshr
    Is there a way i can see what order was received ? [I want to see exact order with both square off and stoploss value]
    You can look for order history on kite UI platform. Go to completed order->select the required order->click on info(about the order)->View History.
  • themohammedfaisal
    @diptesh1ce3 ,
    From your orderbook, we can see that you had a stoploss trigger at 614.15 and target at 634.85.
    You can check the order history for the sell orders as @rakeshr pointed out(that get placed using BO as soon as you place the entry order).
  • diptesh1ce3
    diptesh1ce3 edited January 28
    @themohammedfaisal @rakeshr

    Yes I can see them as seperate order, just want to understand why it's different from my system so that i don't face this in future and miss out on potential profits.

    Let me post small code block from the system to see if I am doing something wrong here.

    print "----------"
    print "EntryPrice", entry_price
    print "SquareOff", squareoff
    print "Stoploss", stoploss
    print "Quantity", quantity

    orderid = kite.place_order(tradingsymbol=tradingsymbol,
    validity="DAY", variety="bo")
    For the above block I had, following logs -> (I have now enabled debug level log info for future cases :( )
    EntryPrice 618.6
    SquareOff 26.0
    Stoploss 4.45
    Quantity 3750
    I just want to understand how the target is not 618.6 + 26 = 644.6
    Please let me know if I am not using the squareoff points concept correctly.

    Does it have anything to do with available margin ?

  • diptesh1ce3
    Of cource there are no answers for buggy APIs. Thanks
  • themohammedfaisal
    @diptesh1ce3 ,
    We had to check the logs for the day, hence, the delay in response.
    When you entered the position, the upper circuit was at 634.8(10% over the previous close of 577.10). When you entered the target of 34 points(from 618.6 at 644.6), the order was placed at 634.8(the upper circuit). This is the expected flow for BO orders as it ensures that your target or stop loss is executed when the price reaches either one of them.
    The upper circuit was later revised to 663.70 at 11.42 AM by the exchange and again revised to 692.55 at 2.40 PM due to the circuits hitting continuously.
  • diptesh1ce3
    Thank you so much, It happened again with my today's trade on "BEL FEB FUT".

    Is there any solution for this apart from modiflying the order by me ?
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