i am using kite publisher custom html 5 button for placing order through android webview.

Abhishek_2013 edited February 2020 in Kite Publisher
custom html 5 button not working in android webview. it keep asking me login. i want upon clicking on html 5 button it should redirect on android default browser instead of staying inside android app's webview.
  • sujith
    In order to persist session inside the webview, you need to enable cache and app storage for the webview.

    A webview session and browser session are not shared, so the user has to login again on the browser.
  • Abhishek_2013
    Abhishek_2013 edited February 2020
    i want to redirect user from webview -> android default browser(ex. chrome) but
    <!-!- A link that initiates a buy (market) of the SBIN stock !//-!->
    <!a href="#" data-kite="your_api_key"
    data-order_type="MARKET"!>Buy SBI stock<!/a!>
    this code keeps user inside app only not goes to default browser.
  • sujith
    You can take a look at this.
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