SubscribeQuotes call returning false

I am porting my app from upstox to kitenet.

My app has logged in, and websocket shows live. When I try to call subscribeQuotes, it returns false. I am not getting any exception thrown.
Before calling subscribequotes I have cleared all the previous subscriptions (if any) by calling UnSubscribeQuotesAll().
I am not getting any tick. This is happening to all exchanges. I have access to all those exchanges including MCX.

Can you guide me where I should look into.

eg. call
kitenet.SubscribeQuotes("MCX", "CRUDEOIL20FEBFUT")

Thanks and regards,
  • Habib
    @HowUTrade Can you please guide me?
  • HowUTrade

    Could you post ur kitenet initialization and subscribe code?
  • Habib
    @HowUTrade Here is the code

    '// Initialization at GlobalVar module.
    Public APIBroker As New Kite 'Initialize

    '// Login proc
    Private Sub LoginToAPIBroker()

    APIBroker.Api_Key = APIBrokerSysConfig.APIBroker_Api_Key
    APIBroker.Api_Secret = APIBrokerSysConfig.APIBroker_Api_Secret
    APIBroker.Redirect_Url = "" '// PostBack URL also same

    APIBroker.EnableWebsocket = True
    Dim isGetAccessTokenSuccessful As Boolean = APIBroker.GetAccessToken()

    '// Goes successful. Both symbols downloaded and websocket connected

    End Sub

    '// Code for subscription

    Dim oDictAll As ConcurrentDictionary(Of String, String()) = myScripsRegister.GetDictOfExchangeAndScrips("")
    Dim cSymbols As String = ""
    For Each o In oDictAll
    Exch = o.Key
    If Exch = "NSEFNO" Then
    Exch = "NFO"
    ElseIf Exch = "NSEEQ" Then
    Exch = "NSE"
    ElseIf Exch = "MCX" Then
    Exch = "MCX"
    End If

    For Each TrdSym In o.Value
    'cSymbols = cSymbols + IIf(cSymbols.Length > 0, ",", "") + TrdSym
    symbolForSubscribe = TrdSym

    Dim tmpExch As String = Exch
    If symbolForSubscribe.In("NIFTY_50", "NIFTY_BANK") Then
    tmpExch = "NSE_INDEX"
    End If

    If APIBroker.IsWebSockLive Then
    If Not APIBroker.SubscribeQuotes(tmpExch, TrdSym) Then

    '// Show Error // execution comes here
    End If
    SetRichBox(Exch + " " + symbolForSubscribe + " " + "Websocket Not Live for subscription.")
    End If
    Catch ex As Exception
    '// Show Error

    End Try


    Kindly guide me.

  • Habib

    The attached screen shows the errors I received When I tried to run register bat again.
  • Habib

    Hello Kite app is also having same issue.
  • vsnagarjun
    Am also having the same issue

  • HowUTrade
    Your code looks good.
    Could you check the app logs for any error?

    We checked our end, it was working fine.
    If problem persists, let us connect through Remote desktop.

    Could you try clean installing of Hello Kite?
    If you get data in Hello Kite, but not in excel, then there may some issues with excel.
    If problem persists, let us connect through Remote desktop.
  • Habib
    @howutrade Please let me know a time when you can connect through remote desktop.
  • vsnagarjun
    I tried reinstalling server OS, tried different machines as well.
    Reinstalled Kite as well...

    it was not helped me... even hello Kite also not loading the data

    Am available for remote session... Please call me on 9884084911
  • HowUTrade
    @Habib @vsnagarjun

    We are available from 1100 - 1200 hrs
    Ping your AnyDesk id to [email protected]
  • Habib
    @HowUTrade Thank you very much for resolving the issue. :) <3
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