NIFTY spot 10 Apr 2019 9:15 Open changes between 11646.85 & 11645.6 -which is correct?

NIFTY spot-
records=kite.historical_data(instrument_token=i_token, from_date="2019-04-10 09:15:00", to_date="2019-04-10 15:30:00", interval='5minute',oi=0)
gives 9:15 Open 11646.85 or 11645.6 when run multiple times for 5min or 1min . This should not happen as this is not live data. which is correct one?
  • sujith
    @nikkite15 There are thousands of tick for any given instrument (even more for an instrument as active as Nifty) each second. You could receive any one of these ticks when you fetch data from the trading platform, because we may have recorded different values with the same timestamp (while we don't store all ticks). As such, both these values are correct. The best approach would be for you to fetch data once, store it on your end, and refer to it for future use.
  • nikkite15
    @sujith U need to understand that this is not realtime data I am talking about its actually "Historic data". for relatime i can understand there might be adjustment in ticks later. but historic data this 2019-04-10 09:15:00 is having issue and not othre thousands time stamps. so issue is clearly with this time stamp Open and u need to correct it. can i get corrected one which is consistent one like any other time stamp for historic data?
  • nikkite15
    whats the helpline/call center number to address this issue?
  • nikkite15
    since my subscription will be ended by 9 March 2020 and if I dont get this issue resolved by then I would expect to get subscription extended with no further payment. Pls read and respond or give me call on my registered mobile number.
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