Incorrect documentation

nisarg001 edited March 2020 in General
Instrument list page says the data is in gzipped format, but it doesn't look like compressed data.
  • sujith
    It should be gzipped if the client sends it supports gzip. I think right now, it is not gzipped. I have informed the concerned team to take a look at this.

    It shouldn't matter to an end-user since this is a huge file and it should be pulled only once a day. It should not be used to assign a variable and used. You need to keep a local copy at your end which should be updated every day.
  • nisarg001
    Pl change the documentation, don't change the API behaviour. :)
  • sujith
    sujith edited March 2020
    Don't worry it won't change anything for you. Your browser or your request library will take care of uncompression. For the end-user, the experience won't be any different.

    You can refer to this to know more about how it works.
  • nisarg001
    Okay, I would only have to enable the decompression support then.
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