the date of every month on which the instrument list is updated

As every stock is allocated a unique symbol and identification number which changes i think every month. Can you tell us the exact date on which the instrument list is updated?
  • sujith
    The instrument master is updated every day. You need to fetch it and cache it.
  • anupama
    Sujith, the problem in algorithmic trading is that if the stock symbol changes one fine day then my code does not run, as my code takes the stock name, its symbol and its unique id from the config file. i have observed that the stock symbol remains same for almost a month and then it changes. It does not change everyday. e.g if i am running LEADMINI20MARFUT today it will change to LEADMINI20APRFUT. If i am running say around 20 stocks per day it will be difficult for me change them without prior information. kindly suggest solution to this problem.
  • sujith
    We would suggest always use the combination of tradingsymbol and exchange as the key(LEADMINI20MARFUT:MCX) and not only tradingsymbol or instrument_token.

    If you are dealing with the MCX futures then try building the current month symbol with a pattern like LEADMINI{last two digits of the current year}{JAN, FEB, MAR, APR... first three letters of the current month}FUT
    and then try finding that in the instrument master.
    If it can't find the symbol then you will have to intervene otherwise everything keeps working. You can test this theory by going through all the LEADMINI futures contracts available currently. Or try with some other metal since LEADMINI is going through some modifications as mentioned here.
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