Fetch candle stick data

jeevansai edited March 4 in Python client
Is there any way to fetch live candlestick data from kite or if not possible can we calculate it from data provided from kite api?
  • sujith
    For live strategies, I would suggest generating candles at your end using the Websocket data.
    You can check out this thread to know more.
  • jeevansai
    Could you please explain what does open, high, low, close mean in 1 minute candle
  • sujith
    Please go through the thread I have mentioned above, I have explained in that.
  • jeevansai
    jeevansai edited March 5
    Open - > LTP of first candle.
    Close -> LTP of last candle.
    High -> highest LTP of that minute.
    Low -> lowest LTP of that minute.

    Sorry was not able to understand something, Is Open LTP at the start of minute, since a candle is corresponding to a minute, what is first candle in 1 minute candle chart?
  • sujith
    Let's say if you are looking for 15min candles then you will have to use 15 1min candles.

    Sorry I think I kind of generalized two answers.

    Let's say you are looking for a 1min candle data then,
    Open -> ltp of the first tick of that minute
    Close -> ltp of the last tick of that minute
    High -> highest ltp of that minute
    Low -> lowest ltp of that minute

    If you are looking for 15min data then,
    Open -> open of the first candle
    Close -> close of the last candle
    High -> highest of the 15highs
    Low -> lowest of the 15lows
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