Cannot place amo orders between 9:08 and 9:15

Hi, I am working with Python API and when I try to place order after the pre-open hours but before the market opens, the API gives the following error: "AMOs can only be placed after trading hours. Try placing using DAY order type."

If I try to place a regular order, it gets rejected after getting placed, since regular orders are not permitted during that time.

Can someone please help me in placing orders before 9:15 but after pre-open session?

  • sujith
    Hi @Tyler,
    You can check out the allowed amo timings here.

    I don't think you will be able to place a regular order after 09:08 AM at any broker since the exchange won't accept the orders. Since order reconciliation happens at this time. If at all they have to allow then it will be like amo.

    AFAIK, you will be able to place a regular order before 09:08 but not after that.
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