Invalid from date error in historical candle api after registering for ticks

deepnishad edited March 12 in Python client
I am getting invalid from date error.
Pre-Condition: Subsribed for recieving live ticks
Need historical data for calculating indicators like 200 SMA, 50 SMA etc
Time interval used is 5 min candles
From Date - 200 candles before(2020-03-11 19:20:00+05:30)
End Date - Current timestamp(2020-03-12 12:00:00+05:30)

In this ( thread I read that I can fetch upto 90 days for 5 min candle
  • sujith
    Are you sure you are sending a valid date object?
    You can check out the format here.
    You may also run in debug mode to check all the logs.
  • deepnishad
    I will check by removing timezone offset but just for information with the same format I am able to fetch data during backtesting i.e. without subscribing to live data
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