Margin revisions in bulletin are delayed; need better way to receive margin revision updates

I see there are already existing threads where developers wanted to know about updated margins policy by RMS team. All those threads were closed pointing to Bulletin RSS which indeed is a good solution but today I noticed that the Bulletin was updated much later about latest margins.

I was under the impression that I had sufficient margins for today but realised only after trading commenced that margins were reduced. By the time I realised, it was too late for entries. Many equity orders were rejected due to low margins. Looking at Bulletin, the site was updated at 10:40 AM which is too late.

I think we developers need better way to fetch margin revisions. How about websocket push or postback hook?

Your rival Upstox sends very timely push notifications to apps, saying that margins are reduced, which is super helpful. Can Kite implement these if you decide not to implement websocket push or postbacks?

Thank you.
  • RishiS
    I've been asking for this a long time too, not sure why this is so hard to do, all that needs to happen is a notification is sent when margins are updated. I'm happy with everything else, but, this is one place which would be very helpful if made more efficient
  • themohammedfaisal

    The bulletin was updated much before market open yesterday and today as well, however, it was updated again at 10.40 AM with an update that MIS orders will be blocked for F&O.

    We've been discussing alternative ways to effectively communicate for our API clients. Will keep you posted.
  • enliyo
    Thanks @themohammedfaisal . Good to know!
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