Restriction on number of modifications per order

sujith edited May 5 in General
Hello Traders,
Due to the increased volatility, we have capped the maximum number of modification requests that can be sent per order. A maximum of 25 modification requests can be sent per order.
Please note that this is a temporary restriction. We will revise this restriction once the volatility subsides.

Thank you,
  • enliyo
    Thanks for sticky. What happens when 25 modifications are reached? e.g. Lets say limit prices are being updated for the same order and 25 modifications are reached, then I presume Kite will not accept any more modifications. But can such order be cancelled?
  • sujith
    Kite Trade will throw an error with the code 429 once the limit is exceeded. You can still cancel the order and place a fresh limit order in this case.
  • VipulK
    Not a bad decision. I actually updated my program to be more efficient with order updates. I'll keep it that way even when restrictions are removed.
  • itsram90
    i dont understand the logic here. for zerodha every order is similar to a message we send in chat, here zerodha sending message to exchange.

    volatility has increased , for the sake of love of your clients you can increase the margin for all order types to NRML or whatever your risk model suggests, but what benefit you are getting by stopping order types between trading session.
    this is hurting systems to run normally.every now and then we have to modify our codes.

    if you are not able to manage load because you have more clients now, why dont you invest in scaling your systems . users are with you today with every now and then crashing systems, changing order types you will screw their reliability and faith in you and they will move to another party. this way everyone suffers .

    dont know who is the genius behind all these changes but god help us , the way system is behaving now a days , most of us will get burned badly one or the other day.

    P.S. : this feedback is from the point of view of a user, there might be 100 things i am not aware of happening internally , but to offer a usable solution you have to see through the eyes of the users.
  • sujith
    You can read this blog post to know more details.
  • itsram90
    no pun intended , i have read it. your bottleneck is in two places , malicious users and OMS .
    you can only improve system from malicious users by experience and lesson learned preventive measures which you are doing, i appreciate that.

    on OMS , if you are hitting some sort of limits now and then, cant you have another channel . or cant you take some actions to ease and distribute the load, think it this way, what would you do if zerodha customer base grows by 40% from here. how you will address OMS layer

    one day my order got submitted and it was waiting for 3 minutes under "order verification" status and it happened during morning hours. it was option trade which went from 11 to 48 . my trade got executed at higher price after 3 min and i had to run away. later i found market mis order are not working . im posting this feedback because i have to sit and code exception handling for all these issues and these are dynamic in nature.

    can you please consider at least margin related problem, instead of everyday changing allowed order types why cant we cap margins. specifically Bracket orders, i love them , very easy to code and maintain . instead of completely stopping them , increase the margin.
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