Is 2s timeout for order placements?

I sometimes get "Order request timed out" errors while placing orders. From the logs, it looks like 2 seconds interval. Is 2 second timeout correct that I am seeing here?
  • sujith
    I don't think this is right. One can never have a deterministic timeout at the client-side, given the complexity of the system at our end. The multi-level setup, multiple hops, multiple independent systems by vendors. Things can go wrong anywhere, be it at the vendor side, our server, one hop in our system, exchange lines, end-user connectivity.

    Time out is not deterministic.
  • enliyo
    Hi @sujith,

    What i meant was, i rarely get timeout error from NodeJS library. So it is definitely coming from either API end or from NodeJS lib. I have not digged deeper into lib so I am unsure which entity exactly throws timeout error while placing orders? I can attach log later if you want with stacktrace.
  • enliyo
    I see in kite connect Node lib, default timeout for requests is set at 7 seconds. That is not in line with 2 seconds timeout I am seeing. Also from the stacktrace I do not see exact source of the error. So i am in the dark here
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