Multiple Questions in achieving BO-ish type behavior


I want to place an order with a target_value but with out stop_loss (or very low stop loss to make sure exit never happens).
is it possible to achieve this using BO order type of java client ?


Can i use BO order to short sell by setting transaction_type as 'SELL' ?
  • sujith
    1. Square off value and stop loss are compulsory in BO. Use limit order instead.
    2. Yes you can short using bo.
  • suyashb
    How do we identify the parent order_id in the postback received for an order generated through a BO?
  • sujith
    Hi @suyashb,
    Once you get the postback of an order, you can fetch the orderbook and find the entry of that order. Once you get the order, you can find a field called parent_order_id.
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