testing order placements


I have made the strategy and i am trying to test order placement speed and accuracy depending on the latency of the data.
I was able to test previously the order placement. It used to place the order but in rejected mode and it use to appear the orders section even if i place order at night.
Nowadays it is not doing that and it directly says that order is placed outside market hours.

Has anything changed?
Has Zerodha stopped accepting orders after market hours to reduce the load on the servers or reducing the unnecessary data storage ?

Please help
  • sujith
    OMS runs the BOD process everyday post 12:30 AM to early morning 05:30 AM. Earlier, we used to send orders to OMS but now we are rejecting such orders at our end.
    If the rejection happens at our end then you won't see the entry in the orderbook.
  • mehtakrunal
    @sujith I am not able to do it even before 12.30 am.
    Any particular reason for rejection from your end ?
    This is kind of very important for testing the api and order placements. Its very difficult to test in market hours.
  • ganeshv02
    @mehtakrunal _ I can think of only one option. You can place variety=kite.VARIETY_AMO to test your algo outside of trading hours.
  • mehtakrunal
    Yeah I can try that now... But I guess my bridge currently doesnot support ami orders. I have purchased a bridge.. I will try some other ways..thanks
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