MIS orders are blocked on highly liquid stocks

Hey Team,

I see Zerodha is not allowing MIS trades on highly liquid stocks like BEML, AVANTIFEED, RIIL

symbol last 20 days Avg liquidity
AVANTIFEED 2.222758e+08
BEML 5.220805e+08
TATACOMM 1.767782e+08

Also, MIS orders are allowed on low liquidity stocks like
CSBBANK 2.056497e+07
PAPERPROD 2.018299e+07
SIS 2.020570e+07
UFLEX 2.071491e+07

These are just a few examples.

1) How does Zerodha decide which stocks to block for MIS trades?
2) Is there are a workaround for that? Since we do algorithmic trading, for us trading universe should be deterministic.

  • sujith
    We don't do this. It entirely depends on the RMS decision and they manage this. You can write to them here.
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