Better error message when long option gets rejected due to strike range

enliyo edited May 2020 in API clients
I have faced this problem numerous times. The error message for rejected log option due to strike outside range, is not a good message. It doesnt indicate what is the strike range allowed so you have to keep guessing what is the strike range.

I was buying bnifty 18500 and 19000 puts for may but both were rejected because of strike error. If you check on margins page it indicates only range for weekly expiry but monthly is not mentioned. Currently range provided on margins page is 18000 above so my order should have gone through.

Please fix this error message by including the allowed range so that user doesn't have to do any guesswork.

  • sujith
    We will look into the possibilities.
    It might take a while since this is a huge requirement for our OMS vendor which may never happen from their end, but we will do it on our system and it involves a lot of backend work as multiple systems need to sync.
  • enliyo
    enliyo edited May 2020
    Sure sujith, I understand. Thank you for consideration.

    Edit: If not API error message, please update the margin page where user can select expiry and see the strike range allowed.
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