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I am new developer of KITE API. I am using dot net version of KITE API. I need some help regarding to history data api. I am creating logic which used history data and logic executes at bar closing of that particular script. In MT4, we can do easily. So, below are my questions :
1). There is separate API subscription for history only. For now, I invested for 4000 INR ( 2000 for App creation and 2000 for history data subscription )
2). There is any bar closing event of particular time frame. Suppose, I get M5 data of any script and I want event in API so that I can easily know that I have to get next OHLC data.
3). If I want to create OHLC data using incoming TICK then in which way I can do ( there is any example )
4). As I checked, In tick data ....there is only one field regarding to time which is Last Traded Time. I was planning to use this time for knowing the bar closing. But after checking, my OHLC and kite terminal OHLC data are not matching, Kindly, let me know KITE TERMINAL is using which data for creating OHLC with respect to TICK structure.

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