Increasing Reliability of Internet Connection For Algos

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I was wondering how you are making your internet connection reliable. Most of you must be having more than one connection, Could you please share how you are bonding them, or how you are taking care of the reliability/robustness part of it.

I am using speedify on windows 7 , to merge a local broadband, a jiofi (directly connected to the computer), an airtel 4G (again directly connected dongle),
And some java code to check the net connection every minute, with a loud alarm.
The broadband is unreliable, but this whole setup is robust. Speedify is great, but is not cheap, and trying to replace it with something else.

There are many ways to merge various net connections, hardware/software/configurations, Please share how you are doing it.

There also being a possibility of using a reliable hosting service ,


  • why
    why edited May 14
    yes developer here suggest this topic.
  • Imran
    Hii @yousuf
    One way of solving it is by using a server.
    we use it personally for our algos.. and we find it reliable.
  • yousuf
    @Imran , its quite a challenge to maintain a fault-tolerant system, I am seriously thinking of now shifting to AWS
  • Imran
    just for review.. we are using aws from more than 1 year.. and it has never failed us.
  • Vivek
    Running these Alogs on home network even with backup is highly unreliable so its always better to go with some cloud provider. You can get server on AWS or DO for as cheap as $5 and since they have DC on Mumbai and Bengaluru (respectively) the latency to our API will be quiet low compared to home broadband.
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