Maximum number of modifications of a Cover Order Stoploss Order

The maximum number of modifications allowed on a Stoploss Order of a Cover Order used to be 300 when I had asked someone in Support last year. However today the Stop loss leg of my cover order started getting error of "Maximum modifications allowed has been exceeded" after less than 50 modifications. Has this limit been changed, and if so what is the limit now?
  • sujith
    Due to the increased volatility, we have capped the maximum number of modification requests that can be sent per order. A maximum of 25 modification requests can be sent per order.
    Please note that this is a temporary restriction. We will revise this restriction once the volatility subsides.
  • sudipto
    OK. However please note that this breaks my algorithm, and potentially many other people's algorithm. So it would have been appreciated if some notification with a few days notice was given to us, preferably by email before making the changes.
    It is horrible to find this change by having your program break in the middle of a trade, while trailing the stop loss, and then realising that the potential profit can no longer be captured even manually since all modifications have been exhausted. The only way to capture the current profit is to exit the trade, thus leaving more potential gains on the table.
  • sudipto
    Alternatively you can publish in your API the number of modifications each type of order can make, which you can change dynamically as you manage volatility. We can read this number and incorporate it in our algorithm, which will avoid all these problems for your clients and yet give you the flexibility to change the limit quickly.
  • sujith
    We had announced it on the forum more than a month ago. I think you had missed it.
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