I want to extract historical data from browser

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i am subscribe api with historical but i want to see data in browser trough url something like given below example
So how can i am use my api for this ? also give image example how i want historical data in browser please help me.
Url example :https://kitecharts-aws.zerodha.com/api/chart/256265/minute?public_token=ZVaownQrdhzhxktTZev1wHO3E6YaIxbR&user_id=DD2746&api_key=kitefront&access_token=&from=2020-04-22&to=2020-04-022&oi=1&ciqrandom=1575820350355
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  • sujith
    You need to subscribe for historical data and use the URL mentioned in the documentation.
  • kunalbha
    i have historical subscription.i am try this url but fail can u give me example please
  • sujith
    I don't think you have a historical data subscription, it is an add-on subscription. You can go to the app details page on the developers console and subscribe for it.
  • kunalbha
    i have realtime = 2000 and historical 2000 paid 4000
  • sujith
    sujith edited May 18
    You need to create a new access token after subscribing to historical data, in order to use it.
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