Missing documentation

I was trying to fetch order status of SLM typed order and I'm getting "TRIGGER PENDING" as the status.
But nowhere it is documented (here: https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/orders/) that it is valid status type.
Can we expect more accurate documentation of kite APIs?
  • sujith
    There are many intermin order status on Kite Connect. You can refer to this thread to know more.

    If you place an SL or SL-M order, the order will stay in TRIGGER PENDING status till the trigger is hit.
  • sujith
    For SL, once the trigger is hit. It will be changed to an order type LIMIT and status will be open.
    For SL-M once the trigger is hit. It will be changed to the order type MARKET.
  • nisarg001
    Thanks for the clarification. I have taken care of other interim orders because they are documented in the above link.
    This is the third instance I've come across for incorrect documentation. I request you to update the documents with complete details.
  • sujith
    We have included all the commonly seen order status. We have also mentioned here that there are other statuses apart from this.

    We will add this status as well. But it won't be possible to maintain a list since there are way too many order statuses and this comes from the OMS vendor. You will have to place the order and figure out if you need other order statuses.
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