Full Stream mode

I am not getting values for UpperCircuit and LowerCircuit fields. I tried GetUpperCircuit and GetLowerCircuit functions also but no help.
I set stream mode to Full stream (3) mode. Still no change.

Can someone help?

  • HowUTrade

    The Upper and Lower circuit fields are not part of websocket streaming.
    Hence you will get 0 (default value) for these fields in 'QuotesReceivedEvent'

    But, these fields are available in Quote API, so you can call GetUpperCircuit and GetLowerCircuit functions which will fetch values using Quote API call, added in the latest version.
  • Habib
    Thanks for your response. I downloaded the latest build now and installed. But I am getting "TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'A.' threw an exception" error.

    I tried downloading and installing few times. Facing same problem.

    Please guide me.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Habib
    I am getting this above mentioned "TypeInitializationException" when instantiating the kite class.
    dim myKiteObj as Kite
    myKiteObj = New Kite
  • HowUTrade
    HowUTrade edited May 2020

    Did you rebuild your project?
    Make sure all dependencies DLLs are present in your app folder.
  • Habib
    All those project cleanups, file attribute checking I did before raising ticket here.

    After a system restart the problem disappeared.

    Thanks for your time and care.
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