How to interpret order_history(order_id) output ?

sameeer edited May 2020 in General
order_history() returns array of values:
1) Is value = order state ?
2) Is it Ordered array ?
3) Does that mean last value in array is latest order state ?

If yes, does than mean ONLY LAST VALUE IN ARRAY IS SUFFICIENT to check if order is partially filled, opened, completed, rejected, etc and we can ignore first (n - 1) values to check for latest state like filled quantities, pending quantities, average traded price, etc

Please help me in interpreting output of order_history !
  • sujith
    Yes, you can consider the last item as the latest status of the order.
  • sameeer
    sameeer edited May 2020
    Does that mean if I place order for 100 quantities and they get executed in 3 phases like 50 buys, 20 buys and 10 buys then my LAST ORDER STATE(last value in array) will have filled_quantity = 80 or will it be filled_quantity = 10 ?
  • sujith
    The last item will have latest status and filled quantity will be the latest filled quantity that is 80.
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