How do I use Kite Publisher in Flutter?

I want to make a mobile application and I want to use Kite Publisher - Offsite order. I understand that on button click Webview will open inside the same mobile application. But my doubt is how do I add those self-sufficient buttons in my application (Flutter)?

  • sujith
    In Flutter, the Webview implementation is on the native side and connected to the Flutter context with method channels. This is the info, in case you want to customize anything that is offered by the existing webview libraries out there.
    On the application, you need to invoke the webview when the user clicks on the button. You keep listening to URL changes and close it when the user operation is done.
  • Chandani
    Hello, i am also implementing kite publisher in flutter and i am facing issue in setting kite button in my app. Could you please tell me using which url i can open kite publisher?

  • sujith
    Kite Publisher can only be invoked from javascript context. Hence you will need to post your params to a webpage at your end and initiate Kite Publisher from there.
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