IMPORTANT: New authorisation flow for CNC equity sells

Hello everyone,
There has been an abrupt change in the way equity CNC sells work (across brokers) for non-POA accounts. SEBI and CDSL (demat depository) have introduced a new regulation that requires equity sells, share debit from demat accounts, be authenticated with a PIN on the CDSL portal. The PIN is only known to the CDSL and the demat holder. You can read more about this on the Z-Connect post.

What this means is that unless the equity CNC sell quantities being sold are pre-authorised, a SELL API call will fail with `HTTP status 428` with the message `%d quantity needs authorisation at the demat depository`. The authorisation can be applied any time by using the `Authorisations` option on the Holdings page on Kite web.

This change went live across our system just yesterday, and hence, the short notice. There are no changes to the API. For CNC sells, you just have ensure that the quantities have been authorised at CDSL. Finally, this is only applicable to non-POA accounts (opened after Nov 2019) Read more.
  • swas99
    Just wondering: Is one time submission of PoA the only way to have a seamless experience for API users?

    Also: I cannot see the 'Authorisation' button on my holdings page. Is it the behaviour for all PoA submitted users?
  • vasisht
    @sujith What if I use CNC to buy and sell on the same day.does that sell of CNC require pin authentication or pre-authorisation.
  • sujith
    Users who have PoA are not affected by this change.

    Intraday CNC buy/sell does not require authentication
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