Mismatch in historical data

As per your Example I am using -
kiteConn.getHistoricalData(dtStart, dtEnd, stock.getId().toString(), "5minute", false, false)
to retrieve the historical data. But it is not matching with actual candle that we can see in kite platform. For Example I received -

SUNPHARMA (2020-06-04T15:25:00+0530) -> Open -497.1. Close - 496.55. Low - 496.35. High - 497.15
whereas in kite platform chart it is showing - Open -497.1. Close - 496.00. Low - 496.00. High - 497.75

Not Only this perticular stock, you can choose any Like SBIN, TCS... any

Is there any issue?
  • rakeshr
    You seem to be sending the wrong to_date for the last 5minute candle. If you want last 5minute candle you need to send to_date as last candle time(here 2020-06-04 15:30:00 ).
  • Sree
    Hi @sourav359
    The historical data source is the same for kite connect API and kite web,
    On kite web charts are plotted with LTP ticks, can you refresh kite web and compare OHLC and check.
  • sourav359
    thanks @rakeshr
    Got the issue. I was trying using time 15:25:00.
    thanks a lot...
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