Knowing the status of the trade

ravimeetra edited June 2020 in Python client
If I place any order (say market order or SL order or bracket order), how can I know the status of that particular trade, whether it has been executed or not if you have number of orders in your order positions?
  • tahseen
    @ravimeetra I am assuming you are using Kite Tickers for fetching tick data to do programmatic trading and if that be the case then there is


    this function receives a order related call back and you can use this
  • sujith
    You may use postbacks or order updates via Websockets as mentioned by @tahseen
  • ravimeetra
    @sujith , @tahseen
    i will not be using the live streaming of the data through websocket, instead I will be using the 5 min historical data for placing the trade , In this case , If i am placing an order , I want to know the confirmation of trade in the next step .So what will be command for knowing the status of the trade wether it has been executed or not after placing the order.
    Kindly elaborate.
  • tahseen
    Simple answer - choose any of the two below
    1. Postback
    2. Call back to on_order_update

    If you don't know these find someone to code this for you.
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