Live market quote issue

Issue 1: Market Quote is not returning "net_change" value.
curl ""   -H "X-Kite-Version: 3"   -H "Authorization: token xxx:xxx"
{"status":"success","data":{"NFO:NIFTY20JUNFUT":{"instrument_token":24507906,"timestamp":"2020-06-09 16:19:50","last_trade_time":"2020-06-09 15:29:59","last_price":10008,"last_quantity":150,"buy_quantity":146925,"sell_quantity":337575,"volume":16868475,"average_price":10161.68,"oi":10984500,"oi_day_high":11522775,"oi_day_low":10512525,"net_change":0,"lower_circuit_limit":9148.85,"upper_circuit_limit":11181.9,"ohlc":{"open":10192.15,"high":10295,"low":10006.25,"close":10165.35},"depth":{"buy":[{"price":10008.5,"quantity":150,"orders":1},{"price":10008.4,"quantity":450,"orders":3},{"price":10008.2,"quantity":150,"orders":1},{"price":10008,"quantity":225,"orders":1},{"price":10007.7,"quantity":150,"orders":1}],"sell":[{"price":10010,"quantity":900,"orders":2},{"price":10010.45,"quantity":150,"orders":1},{"price":10010.7,"quantity":375,"orders":1},{"price":10010.95,"quantity":150,"orders":2},{"price":10011,"quantity":675,"orders":8}]}}}}
Issue 2: While curl is returning Day high and low OI, Java client is returning "0" for all index and stock future instrument.
@sujith Pls advise.

  • sujith
    The exchange feeds are not sending change value. You need to calculate change at your end.
    You can refer to this thread.

    When did you try to fetch oi_day_high and oi_day_low? Is it after the market?
  • susovanpal
    @sujith - regarding "net_change" - thx for the clarification, and yes I can calculate net change.

    Regarding issue 2: Yes I tried to fetch oi_day_high and oi_day_low during market hours and Java client is returning 0. Pls advise.

    @SerializedName("day_high_oi") public double oiDayHigh;
    @SerializedName("day_low_oi") public double oiDayLow;
  • sujith
    For which instruments did you try fetching oi_day_low and oi_day_high data?
  • susovanpal
    @sujith - Index Fut ex: NFO:NIFTY20JUNFUT
  • sujith
    It seems like there is a mismatch of the key in the quote response and javakiteconnect quote model.
    We will release an update for this soon. Thank you for pointing out.
  • sujith
    @susovanpal, The new version of javakiteconnect is up, you can try it out.
  • susovanpal
    Thanks @sujith for quick turnaround!
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