Multi leg order - Margin Allotment Sequence

Hi Team,
I use python code to place multiple Nifty / BN options strategies but want to know how will i get the new margin benefit if i place 4 leg orders at once.
Do i need to place buy order first and than sell ??
I had enough margin as per new system but my orders were rejected due to insufficient funds as all the legs were placed at once.
Is there any way that the system will identify when i place multi leg order and block the margin accordingly ?
Kindly advise
  • mpatil
    mpatil edited June 23
    Hi Team,
    Could you please help me out how to place order for Options.
    I am getting an error saying Instrument is invalid

    kite.place_order(tradingsymbol='NIFTY20JUN10200PE', variety=kite.VARIETY_REGULAR, exchange=kite.EXCHANGE_NSE, transaction_type="BUY", quantity=75, order_type=kite.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET, product=kite.PRODUCT_MIS)
  • rakeshr
    You need to set exchange type to NFO. Go through complete order input param here.
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