getfunds and order placement with insufficient funds

1. If getfunds() is called once in Excel, will it update itself in the "Dashboard" sheet after every trade or do I have to call it every time to check the currently available fund? Is there a way to obtain real time fund data?
2. What happens if I place an order with insufficient funds through kiteconnect API? Is the order rejected by the API/ Zerodha?
  • HowUTrade

    1. It will not auto-update. You have to call it as and when needed. There is no method to get real-time funds available. You may use VBA code to auto refresh funds OR just pull funds once before order placement, but it is not advisable.

    2. Your order will be rejected by Zerodha OMS with order status 'REJECTED" and reason 'Insufficient funds. Required margin is xxxxx.xx but available margin is xxxxx.xx'
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